The Leadership Experience @ Sandanona - Huge Success

This past week, NHCG conducted the Leadership Experience @ Orvis Sandanona. What - might you be asking - does Orvis have to do with leadership? Or for that matter - what's a Sandanona?

First things first.  NHCG runs some very interesting action learning experiences for individual contributors, teams, and leaders of all types.  We run these session at places like Gettysburg, PA, Key West, FL and Orvis Sandanona in Millbrook, NY.

So what's a Sandanona?  Orvis runs the oldest shooting property in the country (they have permit #1), and offer world class sporting clays on a 5 acre course with certified Orvis instructors and guides.  NHCG combines an online assessment - The Work of Leaders - with classroom time to build awareness of leadership strengths and weaknesses and a team shooting experience to simulate both team development and leadership best practices.

Some of last weeks participants said the experience was remarkable - it showed them where they flourish as a leader and how they can improve not only their interpersonal skills but team and leadership best practices as well.

This 3-day event is unique and powerful.  Experience it for yourself.