What Is “The Experience”?

Adults learn best by doing, and “The Experience” is all about doing.  Participants spend three days assessing, understanding, applying and learning all about their leadership qualities – the strengths and the weaknesses.  They, as leaders in their organization, will face challenges on “The Experience” related to Vision, Alignment, and Execution – the work of all successful leaders.  

In a series of team activities, participants are placed in personally challenging situations where their capabilities as leaders are tested and proven.  Participants leave “The Experience” with a new realization of their own leadership skill set and a plan of action for enhancement.

Who Should Attend “The Experience”?

Every manager, director, and C-level executive in the organization should attend “The Experience”.  High potential employees are perfect candidates for “The Experience” since in the near future – they will be leading teams.

In addition, due to the nature of the team activities, intact groups gain great benefit in the team building and leadership understanding – transforming them into a more effective and productive unit.


Topic areas are tailored to each client’s needs, but can include:

  • Building & motivating teams
  • Effective communication
  • Team & leadership behaviors
  • Stress, confusion, & team management
  • Engaging and motivating your team in new & challenging situations

What Are the Outcomes of “The Experience”?

  • Understand their leadership style, strengths, & weaknesses
  • Develop a Personal Action Plan for Leadership Enhancement
  • Apply their leadership skills in challenging situations
  • Recognize how their leadership style affects team success
  • Develop a new set of personal skills
  • Experience how to build a highly effective team
  • Understand the challenges to team development
  • Have a great deal of fun!

The Orvis Leadership & Team Building Experience is offered in 2 locations:

  • Orvis Sandanona Shooting Grounds:  Millbrook, New York
  • Pursell Farms: Sylacauga, Alabama


Article in CIAB's The Edge: "Taking a Shot at the Leadership Myth"