What is NYS PSH Online?


NYS - Preventing Sexual Harassment (PSH) is an online workshop that meets and exceeds the training requirements designated by the recent NYS law mandating preventing harassment training for all NYS businesses. All employees must be trained by October 9th of this year and each year thereafter. All employees must be trained. The NYS PSH is a turnkey solution that is private labeled to the Chamber.

What are the Benefits?


NHCG Inc. is offering their workshop as a licensed private label course for a select group of organizations. Licensed organizations can set their own pricing to take advantage of their market conditions. In addition, your organization can now provide a value added service to your New York State clients, increase the client’s satisfaction, and maintain a solid client relationship.

It makes business sense for organizations who provide professional services such as law firms, insurance agencies, and accounting practices to offer risk management to their clients. This is the perfect opportunity for you to differentiate you and your organization with your current and potential clients.

What do you need to do to sponsor the NHCG NYS PSH Workshop?


  1. Select this Link and complete the information

  2. Call Mike at 813-240-8655